Powertool Industrial Manufacturing

The Model 1100 is a self-contained communications device that receives input data from analog or digital sensors and transmits that data through the ORBCOMM low-Earth orbit satellite (LEO) network directly to the High Tide Technologies server. The transmitted information is checked for alarms and stored in a historical database. Historical data can be viewed by the subscribing client through the Internet using any standard Internet browser. Typical applications include master meters, sanitary sewer lift stations and water tanks.

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Hardware Features

• Built in satellite modem
• TelemetryVIEW Web-based SCADA service

• No towers, repeaters licenses or RF surveys

• Simple installation and service

• No antenna aiming

• A/C, solar or DC powered

• 8 Digital alarm inputs (4 counters)

• 4 Analog level inputs (4-20ma or 0-5V)

• 24V loop power for 2-wire sensors

• Battery backed up with power fail alarms


Input Power: 110/220 VAC | Backup Power: 12v DC lead acid

Modem: ORBCOMM Compatible | Antenna: 1/2 Wave WHIP


Outputs: None | Satellite Vendor: ORBCOMM, LLC

Communications: User configurable

Storage Temp: -40 ~ 60 ºC | Operating Temp: -20 ~ 60 ºC

Humidity: 0~100% non-condensing

Product Life Est. 3-yr for Battery

Alarm Conditions:
External power loss
Low battery
Pump failure


System Features

  • • Secure access from any Internet connected computer

    • Text pager or cell phone text alarms

    • Hourly profile reporting for meters

    • Daily starts and runtime reporting for lift stations

    • Immediate wet well alarm level alarms

    • Automatically generated meter usage reports and pump statistics reports in Excel format stored on servers

    • Analog Alarm Features